Action Against Hunger in Philadelphia

Did you know that 1 in 5 Philadelphians suffer from food insecurity?

Action against hunger in Philadelphia should be at the forefront of our goals as a community. Without access to food, it is impossible to have a normal life. Today in the city, families struggle to have normal lives due to food insecurity. 

A report from the Philadelphia Inquirer showed that the number of people living in hunger in Philadelphia increased by 22% in 2018. In this city alone, over 300,000 people struggle with hunger; that is why we are taking action against hunger in Philadelphia. 

This number makes Philadelphia one of the poorest cities in the country in this domain. Food insecurity is reaching other social categories beyond exclusively people living under the poverty line. i

Too many families suffer. We must end this together

Today, many families coming to our locations and struggling with food insecurity are living above the poverty line. They usually start accumulating overlapping problems which end up multiplying struggles to the point of becoming unbearable. 

Unfortunately, the causes are often the same:

  • Continuous struggle to find affordable housing
  • Low wages
  • Increasing cost of living
  • Increased medical expenses

Ultimately, with buying power lessening by the day, entire working families don’t even earn enough to cover the basics. This is despite the hard work and determination shown by accumulating different jobs. These families are like yours and could be yours.

Importantly, there is a growing number of Philadelphians suffering from food insecurity. That is why Muslims Serve provides to individuals and families. This is regardless of any background, origin, race, faith, beliefs, and education, a fundamental necessity. They all need a place to eat a hot meal, a reason for our action against hunger in Philadelphia.

Make a Positive Impact in Someone's Life

Together we can help and feed a family in the Philadelphia Area

Our Story. This is how we started taking action against hunger in Philadelphia

Muslims Serve founder Hamza and his wife Farah moved into center city in 2012. One reason for this was for a fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania. Another was the pursuit of a PhD program at Delaware Law School and Widener University. At the corner of 15th and Locust, the young couple would go out on a walk every evening. Over time, they got to know some of the individuals asking for food in the city.  

After a little while, they saw that there was a difference in the population of Philadelphia. They were actually interested in the food our services could provide. The couple thought they could do something for food insecure individuals in the city. They decided to increase their degree of action against hunger in Philadelphia. 

We started by reaching out to people

By reaching out to the local masjid, they came to know more people. They got connected with the youth group leaders of one of the masjid, Sister Intisar Shah and Brother Kashief Smith. Hamza and Farah then contacted a family friend in New Jersey who started American Muslims for Hunger Relief. He helped the young organization feed over 1000 people around the city of Philadelphia. This was done through local churches and masjids in October 2012.  

Following this experience, a feeling of accomplishment was present; but it wasn’t enough. A few weeks later, Kashief gave Hamza a call; he said, “[they couldn’t] stop now, given how many people we were able to help.” Hence, Hamza and his wife began cooking in their small apartment kitchen. They were feeding about 50 people every 3rd Saturday at UMIC (United Muslim Islamic Center) in Pointe Breeze. 

Then, a turning point in our operations

After some time running the operations from Farah Hamza’s kitchen, they received information on the Enterprise Center. This is where their growing team was able to rent state of the art kitchens as a “startup” organization. This marked a turning point in the operations and life of the organization.

Enthusiastically, Hamza and Farah created a plan to expand further. Just then, two brothers from UMM (United Muslim Masjid), Ismael Myers and Fahim, joined their ranks as head chefs. With their culinary backgrounds, they were able to run the kitchen as volunteers for this emerging organization. Hamza and Farah were counting on a large variety of college students to volunteer with them.  They became the initial core group of helpers as the mission to take action against hunger in Philadelphia continued to grow. These first volunteers allowed us to expand our reach in production, distribution, and overall community impact. Now, over 50 volunteers every week are assisting in the quest to take action against hunger in Philadelphia.

Help Philadelphia & Surrounding Suburbs

To fight hunger in our city, we need you.
With only $1.00 per day, we can make a big difference in someone's life

How do we take action against hunger in Philadelphia?

Based on the simple principle that no one can thrive in life with an empty stomach, we uplift the local community of Philadelphia. We do this by providing free, hot, and nutritious meals through local centers in a warm and welcoming environment. We are open to all and have been taking action against hunger in Philadelphia since 2012. 

Fundamentally, these hot meals aid the most vulnerable members of our communities by providing foundations on which they can stand. We care for the basic right of access to food. In addition, we aim to develop a forum through which community members of any background can reach out to one another. We create a safe and warm environment where people can be together. They participate in basic human relationships, converse, and find the drive towards growth and improvement.

We are a 501c(3) non-profit charitable Social and Hunger Relief organization

We are a 501c(3) non-profit charitable Social and Hunger Relief organization. We have been providing hunger relief to the Greater Philadelphia area to anyone suffering from hunger regardless of their backgrounds. Promoting diversity and integrity, our corporation is staffed entirely by volunteers who work tirelessly to uphold the tradition of charity. We help the homeless and disadvantaged members of society. All members of Muslims Serve show support towards those in need and strive to become a force of change.

Hence, we open the doors of our kitchens and restaurants to many people. Truly, anyone who is interested in making a positive impact. Whether to help their community or if they cannot afford to have a hot meal. Our meals are healthy, of high quality, and made with good ingredients. When we craft our meals, we strive to create meals that we ourselves would enjoy. With every hot meal, we work hard to maintain the highest quality standards at all of our sites.

Currently, we operate at 13 different locations in Philadelphia and surrounding areas

Currently, we operate at 13 different locations in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. We serve approximately 1,000-plus beneficiaries every third Saturday of the month. Overall, we serve about 5000 beneficiaries per month. Several locations are open up to five days a week. Individuals and families are welcomed with open arms into our community and are treated as proper guests. These guests are led to our tables, where volunteers distribute hot and nutritious food. Discover our different locations.

If you have any questions, get in touch with our team!

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