Our Values

Follow Islam the Right Way


As Muslims, it is our obligation to be honest and have strong moral principles of uprightness. We will manage this organization with the highest moral principles and with the most pure intention so that we do not look for our own individual gain when helping the less fortunate members of our society.


We will partner with all organizations in a mutual beneficial relationship that will allow us to continue to work towards our vision. Additionally, we will help partners connect with other organizations that would ultimately help uplift the communities we serve.


We will make our activities fun and fulfilling so that students and community members from the surrounding areas will be eager to help the less fortunate, whether through our organization or a different way.

Outside The Box

We will think differently and outside the box when developing solutions to problems that we face. We won’t just follow the status quo, but will work hard to think of new ways to change it. In other words, we will take risks.


We will be held accountable for the money that is given to us from our donors. We will make sure everything is done legally and will maintain full transparency.


We will work together, despite differences in ideas to reach our vision and follow our mission. If problems arise, we will all work together to find a mutually beneficial solution.


We will make this organization for the community and run by the community by recruiting members from Philadelphia and Camden to help run our organization and give us guidance. We will work to uphold our responsibilities to our community and help them in any way possible even if it is through connections & partnerships we form.


We will aim to diversify our organization by bringing in advisors and members of the communities we serve and those living in the outer suburbs.


Our food will be healthy and of high quality. It would be something each one of us would want to eat and enjoy eating. We would work hard to maintain high quality standards at all our sites through which we serve.

Role Model

We will be role models for other social service organizations and community members. We will work hard to follow what we preach and apologize for our shortcomings. We will hold workshops for the community and volunteers to make them role models and leaders for their communities.

Customer Service

We will respect and listen to our beneficiaries in the kindest and most respectful way. We will work hard to fix and address anything that is found to be hurtful or inappropriate immediately.


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