Our Soup Kitchens & Sites In The Area

Our Soup Kitchens Are Open To All In Need

No Matter Who You Are & Where You Come From

Our soup kitchens are here to serve our communities, because no one can thrive in life with an empty stomach. If you do not have access to food, please come to our soup kitchens. Our volunteer chefs prepare warm and healthy meals. You are not alone and we are committed to do our upmost to help you. 

Please check the nearest address and the opening days and hours.

United Muslim Islamic Center

  • Address: 1251 Point Breeze Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19146

Our first site started in 2012 when we fed 50 people per month.  Since then it has grown to have a weekly Sunday Brunch and now it feeds 200-300 beneficiaries on the third Saturday of the month. This location is in South Philadelphia and is the Social Services site for United Muslim Masjid.

Strawberry Mansion Learning Center

  • Address: Dauphin St & N 30th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • Leader(s): Kevin Upshur 

Kevin started the nonprofit in 2008 when he transformed the corner building, he inherited from his mother —formerly a bar for 40 years — into a neighborhood education and resource center.  He now feeds kids and adults on the third Saturday of the month. 

Norristown Islamic Society

  • Address: 518 Green St, Norristown, PA 19401

Started by the Masjid to help the surrounding community have a place to eat on the third Saturday of the month.

Masjid Mujahideen

  • Address: 413 S 60th St, Philadelphia, PA 19143 

One of the first sites of Muslims Serve, led by a charismatic imam who is working hard to unite the different communities in the city.  

Masjid Al Kauthar

  • Address: 2102 Northeast Blvd, Wilmington, DE 19802

Our only Delaware site that helps feed the surrounding community and those in need at the local bus station.

Masjid as Salaam

  • Address: 4109 W Girard Ave, Apt 2R; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104   

One of the sites that feed both the 3rd and 4th Saturday of the month. 

Masjid Al Hashar 

  • Address: 2823 N 22nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19132  

Lead by Imam Yahya, a pillar and leader of the community.

Imam Muslim Family Center

  • Address: 4075 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104  

Our 5-star site that works hard to help enrich and uplift the surrounding community with food and food-related services.

Masjid Nur

  • Address: 1231 Mechanic St, Camden, NJ 08104  

Our first Camden site that works with local groups to also have a food pantry available on the same day of feeding. 

Masjid Mustaqeem  

  • Address: 14 E 7th St, Chester, PA 19013  

Only Chester site that helps feed the surrounding community.

Prevention Point 

  • Address: 2913-15 Kensington Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19134

Only the Kensington site helps drug abuse victims and feeds them during the process.

Hub of Hope

  • Address: 1400-30 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19102

The first project by Project Home and the City of Philadelphia to feed the homeless in the city, located underneath the love park in the suburban station.  Facilities include bathing and laundry, as well as other social services. 

Walter Rand Bus Station 

  • Address: Camden, NJ 08103

Second Camden site located at the hub of the transportation center in the city which is always busy and need of hunger relief. 

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