Our Hunger Relief Organization In Philadelphia Is Open To All

Our Hunger Relief Organization Serves Those in Need in The Greater Philadelphia and Camden Areas Since 2012

Nearly 26 percent of Philadelphia’s population lived below the poverty line in 2017. Typically, 42 percent of Camden residents live below the poverty line. Overall, the city’s economic attractiveness and average household income levels are on the rise. Yet, there is an increasing share of residents struggling to cover the most fundamental necessities. This is ranking Philadelphia among the highest poverty rates on a national level.  

Fundamentally, we strive to uplift those in our community by providing free, hot, nutritious meals. This is done with the goal to bring comfort to those in need and to relieve hunger in our area.

Hence, Muslims Serve is a hunger relief organization in Philadelphia. We are open to anyone who seeks food assistance no matter who they are:


  • Veterans
  • Students
  • People with disabilities
  • Single parents
  • Senior citizens
  • Working-class families
  • Children

Our goal is to act as a pillar of support in our area while encouraging community members to come together to fight hunger. 

Furthermore, our dinner meal service is offered to guests of different backgrounds experiencing homelessness or times of misfortune. This affords both servers and those being served a unique opportunity to experience peace and comfort.

Hence, our dedication to the promotion of a healthier, stronger community has led us to hone in on these core values. Ultimately, each bulwark points towards the development and growth of the area and community. This is done while taking action to effectively support those in need.

We act as a pillar of support in our area while encouraging community members to come together to fight hunger

Hunger should not prevail

Muslims Serve is open to people of all backgrounds and creeds. Our hunger-relief organization relies on donations and volunteers to change the fate of thousands.

As we serve, we have the pleasure of welcoming both Muslim and Non-Muslim communities. We are actively working towards the common goal of improving our community and providing hunger relief.

We offer a hot meal and comfort to anyone who is in need, no matter your religion or creed. In order to make an impact on our community, we have to come together and put differences aside. 

Take action now to stop hunger in Philadelphia

Anyone can come out and participate in our events no matter which side of the table you fall. If you are interested in becoming a donor, volunteer, or find a place to eat a hot meal, connect with us. 

Furthermore, we connect with any new partners whether they are Muslim or not. Our primary goal is to serve, and our partnerships act as methods to strengthen each party in a mutual fashion. This allows us to connect with local businesses and organizations that are interested in giving back.

We want to grow a large network of support for all

There are many positive impacts that we strive to make through our hunger relief programs. While making this impact, we make sure that our volunteers have a good time while serving. We strive to make our activities fun and engaging for all who participate. We think of new ways to solve complex issues in our communities. 

At Muslims Serve, we want to grow a strong community through hunger relief in the greater Philadelphia area. 

By teaming with people of different races, religions, and creeds, we can maximize our impact. We work to uphold our responsibility to give back to our community and assist in any way possible.

Make a change today!

145,000 Plates Served • 5,000 Beneficiaries Served Monthly • 15 Soup Locations

Why you should make a donation?

Muslims Serve is committed to helping people in need, and we can’t do it without you. You can help to feed families with as little as $1 per day to help eradicate hunger in our Philadelphia area.

How to make a donation?

Click on the link below to make a donation. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible as we are a 501(c)3, charitable, non-profit organization recognized by the IRS.

How will your donation be used?

Your money will be used to help run our organization so we can feed our beneficiaries, and continue to grow.  We are completely transparent so please contact our Treasurer with any questions.

Help set a table as volunteer

Give your time to help your community in our 13 soup kitchens in Philadelphia. We rely entirely on our volunteers to change positively the lives of thousands of people in Philadelphia. Maximize your impact now.