Back The Values Of Our Non-Profit Hunger Organization in Philadelphia

Integrity, Diversity & Partnerships

Our hunger organization in Philadelphia is a non-profit organization. We promote honesty and apply the strongest moral principles of uprightness to manage our organization. Furthermore, we believe in diversity’s role to inspire creativity and drive innovative ideas. We leverage different experiences and blend the talents of unique individuals and personalities. This turns our team into a cohesive, powerful, and collaborative group of volunteers that continuously strengthens our organization.
Ultimately, although our non-profit hunger organization is faith-based, our doors are open to all people with pure intentions. No matter their gender, age, faith, beliefs, or social backgrounds, we strive to help. Our base of volunteers and beneficiaries consists of both Muslims and non-Muslims.
Hence, if you want to help the disadvantaged local communities in Philadelphia, our organization will connect you with like-minded people. This will enable you to act upon your desire to create positive social change. In addition, we partner with any organization that will allow us to continue to work towards our charitable mission. We will help partners connect with other organizations that would ultimately help uplift the communities we serve.

Proud Of Our Successful Partnerships

Our organization’s history is filled with successful partnerships. We have successfully teamed up with other in-kind charitable organizations in the local Philadelphia area such as:  
  • Philabundance
  • City of Philadelphia
  • Project Home
  • Shared Prosperity Philadelphia
  • Aid for Friends
  • Islamic Relief
  • Al-Shifaa Health Clinic
  • Prevention Point, Kensington
  • Multiple Regional Masajids in both PA and New Jersey
We are actively seeking new partners and volunteers to join our team. This allows us to continue our fight against food insecurity and poverty. As our commitment to diversity continues, don’t hesitate to reach out right now. Contact us directly if you have any questions or need any information about our kitchen locations.

Hamza Shaikh May 26, 2020 Uncategorized

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